Our team

Who will carry out your PAT testing?

We have a team of skilled and experienced PAT testers led by our Senior PAT Technician, Aaron Thompson. All our PAT technicians have undertaken accredited training and appropriate vetting to ensure we are able to work in environments such as NHS GP or Dental surgeries. For your peace of mind, Surgery PAT Testing carries a comprehensive 5 Public Liability insurance.

What happens before and after?

You can contact our office via phone or email and speak to Michaela, our Project Administrator. She will give you a quote for the work to be done, based on the number of items, and then arrange for your testing on a date and time convenient to you. Please note that we will always try our best to get access to all consulting / treatment / medical rooms over a lunch time etc, depending on how many rooms there is. Please try and book us in for when the maximum number of rooms will be empty. Once the testing has been complete, you will be given your portable appliance safety certificate.